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This is a personal blog and website that is managed by Dr. John Manzella, who is a successful physician and entrepreneur. Here, you will be able to find information and advice all about concussions as well as any up and coming discoveries in the research as well as a full bio for Dr. Manzella.

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Dr. John Manzella started this website to give information about concussions, one of the hot topics in the medical community. As a physician with almost three decades of experience, he has a vast amount of knowledge on the subject. This blog contains information that is aimed at individuals with all different levels of knowledge, from those who only know of concussions to those who have performed extensive research. Simply check out our Blog Page for educational articles, or click on the About tab where you can view bio information and a history on Dr. Manzella.


Dr. John Manzella

dr john manzella

Allentown, PA Physician & Entrepreneur

Today, Dr. John Manzella serves as the Physician Liaison and Billing Specialist for Topper Medical  as well as the Medical Director and Practice Manager of LV Housecalls.com. He graduated with his doctorate degree in 1995 from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, and he was awarded his PhD in Health Care Management in 2013 from the University of Rochville located in Washington DC.


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We are sure that you will find a valuable resource in our blog that holds trends, tips, and up to date information regarding concussions no matter if you are just curious or an expert in the subject. In addition, you can also find advice that comes from Dr. John Manzella’s many years of experience as a physician. To learn more about Dr. Manzella, simply check out to the About Page to view his full bio.

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Concussions are a kind of traumatic brain injury that can occur in various ways and at various levels of severity. Mild concussions may not appear to cause much impairment, but more severe instances can permanently affect brain functioning. Feel free to use the articles in our blog to learn all about the topic, and also to find out if there are any ways you can get involved in the discussion. Over Dr. Manzella’s many years of experience, he has accumulated a great amount of knowledge about concussions that can also be found here.


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To anyone with any interest in networking with Dr. John Manzella or in learning more about concussions, please feel free to get in touch by clicking on the Contact tab and filling out the form located there. Dr. Manzella is always open to discuss new research and opportunities, and he will be sure to respond to you shortly. You are welcome to follow John on his social media, or check out the Blog for articles about concussions.


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